The First Comprehensive, Systematic Account of the Animal Fossils from the Mazon Creek Area
Invaluable for professional paleontologists
Fascinating for amateur fossil collectors

There is an extensive literature on the plant fossils of the Mazon Creek area of Northeastern Illinois, but this is the first full account of its outstanding variety of beautifully preserved animal fossils. This fossil assemblage ranks with the Cambrian Burgess Shale fauna of Canada, The Devonian Bundenbach and Jurassic Solnhofen faunas of Germany, and the Cretaceous Santana fauna of Brazil.

The Guide is important for its preservation of the setting for the Mazon Creek and its similarity to communities observed in modern variable salinity coastal environments. It presents new concepts on the evolution of groups such as fossil spiders and the development of insect flight. The Guide not only gives full details of the fossil fauna but describes how the creatures may have lived, died and been preserved. The writing of chapters varies from the detailed scientific to the easily readable, making the book both acceptable to the paleontologist and accessible to the amateur. It is profusely illustrated throughout with photographs and drawings.

Published by Northeastern Illinois University
308 pages 8-1/2 x 11" - double column; over 400 illustrations
ISBN: 0-925065-21-8 $85.00 clothbound